Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother's Day - Finally

A year ago I bought concert tickets for Mother's Day for Melanie to a band which I really wanted to see but which Melanie was only okay with. At about the same time, Melanie had a life-long dream to see another band. Both bands were supposed to be in Seattle during the Summer of 2010. I bought tickets to my band for Mother’s Day and she bought tickets to her band for Father’s Day.

As it turned out, Melanie’s Eagles came to town in 2010 and my U2 had to postpone the concert for a year.

Last weekend U2 arrived at Qwest Field.

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Roxanne said...

wow, 2 posts in a matter of weeks--should we expect this regularity of posts? wink wink.

It looks like you guys are having fun! Hope all is well!